Welcome to 5 Star Enrichment at WISH Community School

Contact us at CoachStu@att.net or call  (818) 597-1550 

About Us

Our History

We have been Enriching the Lives of Children for over 23 years and we have been teaching our Classes at WISH Community School  since they opened in September 2010.  We teach over 40 Enrichment Classes, we have been running various Camps (e.g., 5 Star Sports Camps, 5 Star Dance Camps, 5 Star Enrichment Camps) since the Summer 2000.  We have been running our 5 Star Enrichment Camps at the Beach (located at the Dockweiler Youth Center in Playa Del Rey) since Thanksgiving 2016. 

Our Mission

1.  To Teach Children Healthy Lifestyles and Skills while having FUN.  We accomplish this through our Engaging, Interactive, Educational and FUN Enrichment Programs.

2.  To Assist Parents with Raising Healthy, Educated and Well-Rounded Children.

3.  To Inspire and Promote Physical Fitness to Families in the communities where we serve.

How we do it?

Our Staff can teach over 40 engaging Classes:  Athletics,  Academic Related (e.g., Reading and STEM Programs) and the Arts (both Performing  and Visual).