Meet some of our Staff


Stuart Bramer

Coach Stu is the Founder and Director of 5 Star Enrichment.  We have been Enriching the Lives of Children for over 23 years and teach in 30 Schools, Parks and Recreation  Centers throughout Los Angeles County. This includes WISH Community School since September 2010 (9+ years), the City of Santa Monica for over 19 years and the Dockweiler Youth Center in Playa Del Rey for 3 years.  FOUNDED in April 1996, as Stretch-n-Grow of Los Angeles. Incorporated as the Health Edutainment Corporation in 1998 we have evolved into a very eclectic company as we teach over 40 different 5 Star Enrichment Classes.   

Stu has a Bachelor of Arts degree  in Psychology from UCLA and a Master of Science Degree in Health Administration from the University of Colorado.  He is a former Healthcare Executive (Physician Recruiter,  Managed Care Contractor, Director of Marketing, Director of Business Development and Hospital Administrator) who decided at age 40 to start his own Health Promotion business, which started with teaching Stretch-n-Grow Fitness Fun Classes, Sports Classes and eventually other Enrichment Classes (e.g.,  Art,  Ceramics,  Chess, Martial  Arts,  STEM,  etc.) to Children.   We  have also  been  running  our  various  Camps  during  holiday/seasonal breaks  since the Summer  2000)



Kelsey has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Roski School of Fine Arts at USC, with an emphasis on Drawing and Painting.  She has taken numerous Dance Classes and has been a Dancer since 4 years old. She has been teaching Art (including Drawing, Painting and Photogaphy), Acting/Improv/Theater and/or Dance for the last 12 years including the last 3 years with 5 Star Enrichment.  Our Students and Campers love Kelsey, with her great sense of humor, upbeat spirit, energy and kindness.



 Karen has a degree in Art with a minor in Psychology.  Ms. Sochar has been providing a fine art experience for over 20 years to kids & adults in the Santa Monica and Westchester/Los Angeles areas. Ceramic students learn proper use of clay, pinch, slab and coil construction.  Fine Art Students are educated about many fine art masters and inspired to explore new and different art materials and mediums, including up-cycling with found objects. Ms. Sochar loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with her students! 

Our Staff


Lego Marty

Marty was a Regional Manager for Playweill Technologies for about 3 years and then started his own Lego Enginnering Business, PlaySmart Education over 5 years ago.  He has been teaching with 5 Star Enrichment for over 6 years, including at WISH Community School.  He has developed and teaches Lego Engineering classes such as Wondrous Machines and Structures and  Super Machines .

He has a  Bachelor of Science Degree  in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and almost a  Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy from UCLA.  



  Rob is a college professor and adventurer who lives in Venice Beach, CA. He teaches film, media and other subjects at several local colleges, including Cal Arts. He  has  been playing  and teaching Chess for many years at various Schools, including those with 5 Star Enrichment for about 3 years. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and America, exploring city culture and hiking beautiful nature. He also does many volunteer projects in his local community. He has produced a film series, Eco Green Expo and Chalk Art Festival. 



Coach Lucas has been teaching/coaching for about 7 years and finds it to be a very valuable and rewarding experience.   He  grew up learning and participating in  a variety of sports and arts such as martial arts, gymnastics, volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, music, drawing, and engineering. Coach Lucas strive for his classes to be very educational for his students while also being enjoyable and safe.

Our Staff



 London's passion for kids stems from her grandmother who is a loving Foster mom who she looks up to. After realizing her passion for kids and being a competitive gymnast for over 10 years, she realized she could turn it into a career and teach younger kids. London also has a passion for cheerleading, holding a first place CIF Championship title being a cheer coach for 2+ years at a high school. Nothing makes her happier than seeing kids grow and achieving new skills! 



  Sarah is a mechanical engineering student at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and cares deeply about student success and bridging the gender gap in science based classes and careers. She is the president of Engineering for Humanity at LMU and strives to instill engineering judgement and knowledge in her students in a fun and hands on learning environment.  She has  been  teach  Engineering  and  Tinkering Workshop  classes and  working  at  Camps  with  5  Star  Enrichment  for  over  a  year.



 Jennifer has a degree in Child Development with a Minor in Sociology. She has been a teacher for the past 6 years working for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. She has previously taught students in Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 2nd grade.  Before being a teacher, Jennifer worked with Non-Profit organizations that helped fundraise  money for schools in at risk communities. This is  Jennifer's first year with 5 Star  Enrichment.   She  started by working  and  teaching  classes  at  our  Summer  Camp.   She  will be  teaching some  classes during the week  at  WISH  that  have  included  Readers  Theater, Science  and  Spanish  and working/teaching  at  our Camps.    She is  our  Special  Projects  Coordinator  and  will  also  be  doing some  administrative  work.   A  special  Thank  You  to Jennifer  from  Stu for  collaborating with him   to  plan,  develop  and  implement this new  website,  which she  was  largely  responsible  for  creating and  updating.



Our Staff


Mark has been a United States Chess Federation (USCF) CHESS MASTER since 1984.    Chess has been a wonderful passion for him and he loves teaching and sharing his passion for this with others while also mentoring them.  He has played Chess all over the world and has taught Chess at many Schools through Star Education, EduChess and Ace for 20 years.  He has taught Chess with 5 Star Enrichment for nearly 2 years.  He also works in the IT field and has several certificates for this.