Spring Camp 2020 CANCELED


For more information about the Spring camp, No FINANCIAL RISK ENROLLMENT, Fees and Summer Camp please visit our Camps page. Link below.

Read about 8 Features that make our Camps great!

1.   The  Safety of your your Child is our highest priority. 

2.   We have a very Talented, Experienced and Nurturing Staff.  Most teach with us during the School Year as well (NOT just Staff who work during the Summer) 

3.  A great Camper to Instructor ratio (10 to 1 or less for ages 4-6 and 12 to 1 for ages 7 to 10 plus our Camp Director and other Support Staff as needed. 

4.  Beautiful Indoor Facilities adjacent to a nice Beach.  Our Campers are  participating in FUN activities outdoors playing Basketball or on the Beach about 50% of the time and Indoors about 50% of the time, which limits their exposure to the sun. 

5.  CLEAN facilities including indoor Clean Bathrooms and a drinking fountain. 

6.  Wide range of FUN and Educational Activities that vary hourly and throughout the week.   

7.  We offer a wide range of Daily Activities including:

OUTDOORS: Sports that include Basketball, Baseball/T-Ball, Capture, Safe Dodgeball, Flag 

     Football, Soccer, Volleyball as well as other  Games and Activities on the sand (weather 


INDOOR ACTIVITIES can include:  


    -Art and Clay  

    -STEM:  Science and Engineering projectd that include Building Fun with Lego, Knex, Circuit  

     Sets, etc.) and more. 

    -Board Games including Chess, Cards, Air Hockey, Foozball, Video Games (only during  

     unstructured Free  and more  

    -Dodgeball, GaGa and more 

    -1-2 Periods during each Camp Day when Camper have Campers Choice with Staff 

     Supervision (either to "Chill"/Rest or Read or Play in our Game  Room; or just socialize and 

     develop friendships. 

    You can watch some short Camp Videos to give you a "flavor" for what we do in our Camps 


8.  Our Campers have LOT OF FUN and learn a lot.  Please read our YELP Reviews (click on the links on the left side of this website) and read our School Reference Letters from School Principals, Directors and Parent-Faculty Association Presidents, as well as numerous Parent Testimonials by CLICKING HERE